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Latest Article: October 29, 2004 = > Iraq's International Terrorists - Martyrs or Mercenaries?
   diplomatic issues
   *  An Oil Company War? - A blatant conflict of interest in the Bush Whitehouse
   *  Vive la France! - The UN's role is to preserve Peace, not to rubber
   *  Iraq's International Terrorists - Who are these technically expert car bombers?
   *  An Open Letter to the Iraqi People - I regret my our nation's invasion of Iraq
   *  The Spin over Iraq's Ongoing Conflict - New words are coined in spin-speak for the resistance
   *  Law and Order in Iraq? - We must first set the example
   *  Have Mercy on Humanity! - Shock and Awe at our military inhumanity
   *  Colosio's Assasination - A Stupid Act of Political Bravura
Northern Ireland
   *  A Multi-Level Domain - Dual Government for Northern Ireland
   *  Sharon's Intifadah - Devious Plans to Assume Political Power
   *  The Holy Land - It can be Shared, not Partitioned into Territorie
   *  When will it End? - The Palestinian terror and counter-terror nightmare
   *  Why Haiti is Important - Is the Power of Money our National Interest?
   *  The Way out of Haiti - Safe Conduct for the Ton-Ton Maqutttes
   *  In Defense of Democracy - Our Primary Objective
   *  Release the Serbian Hostages NOW - The Fighting is between Bands of Rouges
   *  The Bosnian War - A Tragic War fought for Nothing
   *  Stop the Madness! - There are no Interior Borders
   *  A Bosnian Military Solution - We Must not Choose Sides in This Madness
   *  Video Wars - We are in an Age of Conflict for Video's Sake
   *  Border Disputes - Disputes are in Reality about Taxation
   *  Magnanimous in Victory - What makes a people great is the way they deal wi
   *  The Chinese Solution - The Problem of Succession in China
   *  The Chinese Dilemma - Confusius found the Best Way
   *  Think of the Consequences - Zion is of the World of Tomorrow
   *  The Cuban Revolution - The Good will Remain, the Evil will Wash Away
   *  Maastricht? OUI! - The Future of Europe is Clear
   *  Why we should not Overtly Topple the Taliban
   *  Og versus Magog - Is there an armageddon retrofit planned for the f
Monetary Policy
   *  The Federal Reserve Monetary Bias - Trickle Down Economics favors the Rich
   *  A World of Needs - G_d did not Create this Planet for Profit
   *  The Abuse of Women by the Taliban - Internet Circular from September, 1999
Human Rights
   *  The Tragedy of Somalia - The Highest Sacrifice a Man can Make
   *  The Best of US - We fight for World Peace and Human Rights
   *  An Open Letter to Pope John Paul II - Bishop Ruiz in Chiapas has done good works
   *  Ross Perot has a Tabloid Mentality - A Political Pamphlet for 1992
   *  A Message to the Zulus - Vote for Democracy and Progress, or Stay in The P
   *  The Money Bomb - An Economic Weapon against Warlords
war on terror
   *  The Insanity of Terror - Political Murder for Video Politics
   *  Stop Global Terrorism - Radical Democracy will Bring Peace
   *  Hostage Crisis in Lima - Allow MRTA to Become a Political Party
   *  Apartment Bombings in Moscow - Article from the LA Times
   *  US, Russia Forge New Alliance - Article from Salon Magazine
   *  The Language of Terror - A Glossary for the Media
   *  The Nord-Ost Theatre Crisis - A cease fire would be a Humane solution
   *  Bush and Sharon share a secret strategy - A closely coordinated effort to promote extremist
   *  Three Aspects of Terror - The Good Possiblities, the Bad Tactics, the Ugly
   *  Was the Terror at Beslan a False Flag Operation? - A clear case of Strategic Terror
   *  The Solution to Strategic Terror - The only responce to terror is to persecute the terrorists
   *  Do Not Deal With Terrorists - No Worthy Cause can use Terrorism to Achieve its ends
   *  Guatemalan Kidnapping Terror - Cash Control may Help
   *  The Nord-Ost Theater Crisis - A last minute attempt at solving the crisis, to no avail


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