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Top Trails

Looking for the best of the best? Here are the top three trails in Chile:


Who can resist the highest point in the lower 48? With views like these, not us.

Rating: Difficult


Viña del Mar

The jewel of Viña del Mar, the hike to is best spread over a couple of days with an overnight in Seashore.

Rating: Moderate



A gem of a trail right next to a metropolis, complete with numerous stream crossings, thick forests and a 50-foot waterfall

Rating: Easy/Moderate

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Trail Vistas

Here are some photos from my trip to Chile

Red Rock
One of the libraries in the Santiago Metro

Lake Tahoe
Viña del Mar

Valparaíso © 2020

What to Bring

Use this convenient checklist to make sure you've got the essentials for any significant trail-blazing. © 2020

Dos and Don'ts

Trail Dos

  • Tell folks where you'll be.
  • Hit the trail with friends. It's more fun and safer.
  • Know the trail before you go.
  • Pack snacks, water, and the Trail Guide app.
  • Always stick to the trail.

Trail Don'ts

  • Don't pick flowers or disturb animals.
  • Don't break in new hiking boots on an big hike.
  • Don't litter. If you pack it in, pack it out.
  • Don't blare loud music or talk too loudly - unless you encounter a bear. © 2020

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