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Latest Article: August 24, 2007 = > The Threat is Getting Wider - Truth or Threat, you Decide
   Food issues
   *  The False Prophet - A Creature created by the Media for End-time Dece
   *  Legislating under the Influence - Republicans obey money
   *  The 401K Hump - Duping the masses into holding on to worthless paper
Cybernetic Economics
   *  The Chinese Symbiosis - Symbiotic Economic Systems
Election 2000
   *  Chad Hangover - A Machine Count is Good only Once
   *  Punch card conundrum - A Fair and Just Resolution to the US Electoral Cr
   *  Ten Questions - Ten Questions that were Never Asked of the Offici
   *  The Media Is the Problem - Electoral Reform must begin with the Mainstream T
   *  The Cigarette Tax - An Essential Choice
   *  A Compassionate Guest Worker Program - Link up our Reality with our Legality
   *  Do We Really Protect Families? - The INS Ruling on I-245
   *  Profile Voting - Virtual representatives to the Virtual Congress
   *  Abandoned Property Laws - An EPA framework to clean up abandoned business p
   *  Non-hierachical political structures - Peer to peer politics can replace traditional pow
   *  Official Java - Java as a public domain language controled by the
   *  The Secretary of Technology - An essential role for governments in the new mill
   *  The mainstream's power over the masses - there any reality to the mainstream media's po
   *  Media Fascism - A New World Order ruled by control over the mains
US politics
   *  Audio Sublimation on the SAP back-channel
   *  We Tried That Already
   *  The Media Reality of 1997 - Inside and Outside the Set
   *  Cultural Saturation - Our Culture is Saturated with Slogans
   *  Sen. Paul Wellstone - Presente! - A brave martyr of the American People
   *  Homeland Security Secret Agents - The neofascists are creating a Getapo
   *  Citizen's Data Privacy - Fundamental Data Privacy by Encryption
   *  A Breach of Privacy - Interfering with the Flow of Causality
   *  Politics Splits - Remain True to your Center
   *  Tolerate Mistakes - Projecting Self-Perfection is Folly
Radical Democracy
   *  Elections 2000 - Towards an Electronic Democracy
   *  Political Frustration - Americans are a Frustrated People
   *  Abortion - Legal Murder as an Individual Choice
   *  The highest evil - Government at the Service of the Wealthy
   *  The Privileged's Money Tit - Printing Money for the Rich
   *  Helms is out of Sync - A symbolic political struggle develops
   *  Fast Track Social Fund - Cybernetic Socialism
   *  The New Ark - Insure Human Survival in Space
   *  Who Supports the Oil War? - An multi-sectoral analysis of the ingnorance used
   *  Bush's Oil War Strategy - Needless Human Suffering leading to the Hydrogen
   *  Bush's Oil Will not rescue the US Economy - A Software War does not create Mass Employment
   *  America's World Vision - A New Vision for the World
   *  A Democratic Tax Rebate - A Rebate will Help - a Tax Cut for Millionaires w
   *  Ten Questions about the WTC attack on 9/11- We must find all the answers and not fall for a c
   *  Is the Bush 9/11 cover-up unraveling? - What is behind all of the media diversions?
   *  What is the Strategy of the War on Terror? - Power over Money, or simply a Grandiose Delusion
Bush II
Election 2004
   *  The Rebulican's Macro Deception - cooking the National Accounts for political gain
   *  Bush’s Compassion and the Faith Based Initiative - co-opting altruism for political gain
   *  The Five Levels of Republicans - A pyramid of power by deception
   *  John Kerry's Electoral Strategy - The military vote from the die-hard Rambo's
   *  Chistians agree on Bush II - An astute co-op of the Christian's axiom of agreement


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